This beginner-level movie making program is straightforward with lots of drag-and-drop templates and special effects. Family videos, documentaries, music videos and promos are all possible--mix your own footage, photos, or free stock video (see below) with music, voice-overs and more!

The CAVE studio computers use the latest iMovie 10.0. It is very different from earlier releases, so check below for resources specific to this version--or see our iMovie playlist.



Web Manual
Get a walk through the editing steps in this support guide.

Prefer the hard-copy? Cover to cover iMovie steps (new and older versions).

How To Use iMovie
A 7-part guide created and regularly updated by iMovie prod-users.

Film eCertificates

Gale Courses

Online certificates in Screenwriting and Sitcom Writing are open for enrollment. Use your MPL card to register for free!
30min Class
All the info you need, in 1 winning session.

Mac Pro Video
'Introducing iMovie' a 4-part training program.

The Quick Fix
How-tos on the must-knows in 1-2min flat!


How? Where? Why?

Check these forums for answers to your specific questions:

iMovie Support Community -- Get answers from other users and Mac experts.

Mac Pro Video -- An up-to-date web community with iMovie advice, tutorials, and support.

Free Footage

Download and remix videos, backgrounds, and stock footage from:

Beachfront B-Roll -- Wide variety of HD-quality Creative Commons movie files.

BBC Motion Gallery -- Reams of professional BBC video: nature, cityscapes, archives and more.