Final Cut Pro

FCP is Apple's next-level video editing program. For iMovie experts, it's a great next-step. Intermediate learners and expert producers use FCP to make high quality videos of all kinds.

New to Final Cut? This beginner tutorial can help you get started:

Use Final Cut Pro on the Mac Pro workstation #4, at The CAVE.



Web Manual
A guide to all stages of production in Final Cut. For offline access, you can also download the user manual.

You can also borrow these resources from our shelves at MPL to learn Final Cut by the book!

PDF Overview 
A break-down of the layout, tools, and how-tos of creating and sharing projects in Final Cut.

Online Certificates

Gale Courses

Free online certificates in Final Cut ProScreenwriting and Sitcom Writing are open for enrollment with your MPL card!
36 min Class
A full lesson on the basics of FCP to get you up and editing.

Quick Tips
FCP tutorials in 90 seconds or less!

Video Podcast
Search these entertaining and informative episodes for more advanced tutorials.


How? Where? Why?

For specific questions, the FCP's online communities are available 24/7. You can search existing topics or submit a new question.

Free Footage

Download and remix videos, backgrounds, and stock footage from:

Beachfront B-Roll -- Wide variety of HD-quality Creative Commons movie files.

BBC Motion Gallery -- Reams of professional BBC video: nature, cityscapes, archives and more.